Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ramble/ C&S Anniversary

Mr C and the Middle Boys are on their way home from Becky's house. They worked with Stephen and Doug (Stephen's Dad) to get another new roof onto the house. Then they moved to the inside and began gutting the bedroom. The ceiling and carpet had to be removed, as well as the insulation. I am not sure if they will have to take out the walls and replace the insulation and panelling in them.
Anyway- the guys are on the long drive home.

I had an outing yesterday with the twins. We met my Mom in Alma, Arkansas. She was on her way from DFW to Russellville, AR. Her cousin Ruth has a cake shop there, and gets swamped with orders about this time of year. (The Sugar Shack)
So Mom and I had a quick visit as we walked around our favorite store in Alma: A-Z Gifts. Then we had chinese food, and went our separate ways. Alma is the perfect half-way point- we arrived at our end points at the same time! I gave Mom her Pampered Chef stuff, picked up a few candles as potential gifts. They may be gifts if we don't burn them here first. Daniel could hardly wait to light one of them. It smells like (?) mulberry potpourri (?) tootsie pops (?) black cherry koolaide (?)
We actually don't know WHAT it smells like- but has a pleasant, strong fruity scent.

Today is Chris' and Seneca's second anniversary. May they be blessed with happiness today and for many years to come.

It is hard to believe this is the last day of April. Where has this year gone? We have had freezes twice this week, but last night was much milder.

I haven't replanted anything in the garden- between continual rain and freezes, it has been impossible. We are marching right along with our schoolwork. The twins are anxious to come to a stopping place so that they can go visit Becky.

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truth said...

Beautiful photos of the couple. What is up with this crazy weather? Is time going faster, or am I just getting older.