Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Birthday, Tommy

Happy Birthday to my fifth child.

Five is the number of grace.

Five is a "whole hand full".

Today you are 18.


You have outgrown "chicky-gators". Grandma Arlene was the one who got you started on alligators. She sent you two plastic alligators that squeaked when squeezed, for your second birthday. You thought these were the best toys, ever. (I confess: After a few days of constant squeaking- the 'gators underwent a squeak-ectomy during your nap.)
The two 'gators were your FAVORITE things, always with you. You called them "chickies", and we couldn't figure out why. At least not until your third birthday, when Dear Grandma sent you a replacement 'gator. When squeezed, it squeaked out 'Chicky, chicky'.
AHA! Mystery solved.
For your third birthday, you decided you were five. Just like the guy in the Monty Python movie- One, Two, Five.
You were insistent on being five, and cried any time anyone DARED to say you were three.
At three, you were already experimenting with cooking. You started with eggs. The first egg went onto a naked electric burner. The second try, you added a pan between the egg and the burner... but no oil. I figured we would be better off to show you how to cook under supervision than allow your experiments to continue!
You have always been quiet and determined. Stoic.
And Not Whiney.

Around the time you really turned five (or was it six?), you broke your collarbone. I didn't know it for two days. In August of the same year, you fell on the playground at school and broke your arm. You didn't shed a single tear, waiting patiently for me to arrive and take you to the hospital.
Even now, we seldom know if you are sick.
You are still quiet. You work harder than any young man I know at helping keep our house running smoothly. Cleaning, cooking, organizing, yard work, vehicle maintenance.
And you love babies. Which is a wonderful quality in a man.

You are so good at turning ideas into tangible items- a born engineer.
While getting answers to questions out of you is often like pulling alligator teeth, you are quick witted and smart. You have interesting ideas and a sweet spirit.
I want you to have a wonderful life and achieve every dream you have for yourself. You are, and have always been a blessing.
Happy 18th Anniversary of your Birthday.

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Becky said...

Happy Birthday Tommy! We loves you!