Saturday, April 5, 2008

Leader of the Pack

Mr C is always grumping over himself eating too much. He then blames me- asking why *I* let him eat so much. "Why aren't You Helping Me?" he asks after overindulging.

Yesterday, he had already had lunch. He went back to the kitchen to have something else- this time a peanut butter sandwich. He reached into the fridge to get a the peanut butter- and I put his bread back into the wrapper and put the loaf away. I told him I was helping him
He quickly dug his spoon into the peanut and ran as I was trying to grab it away from him

Our two dogs believe that Tom is the Leader of the Pack. The Alpha Male, the Top Dog. They follow him constantly. If he walked up and down the hallway all day, they would follow him every step of the way. (Dogging his heels, LOL)

So when I tried to grab Tom's spoonful of peanut butter, he was shrieking for help, running away and I was chasing him, yelling I was helping him. Jaffa decided to join the fray- his Master was in trouble! He was growling and snapping at me, circling behind to nip my legs. This led to more shrieking and mirth all the way around. Jaffa has appointed himself as Tom's protector.

We had a lot of fun over this. I tested out the boys, and Jaffa also protects Ben. All I have to do is act like I MIGHT be going to come too near one of them- and if they yell- Jaffa is there growling and snapping. Mr C doesn't think he is serious about biting me. I think he just might be.

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