Monday, April 7, 2008

Nosy Neighbor

That would be me.

The boys and I went out to plant beans in the garden today. I heard the small neighbor boys out playing, laughing with glee. Once I spotted them, my heart almost stopped. They were 'fishing' down at the pond.

I reasoned with myself: The parent looking after them MUST be just out of my sight over the embankment. No one would leave a three year old and one less than two years old out playing alone. Especially not near a pond. I went back to planting beans.

Two rows of beans later, no sign of an adult. Surely, the parent was just out of my sight. The toddler went wading. No sound of an adult cautioning. My attention drifted from the beans. I had to be reminded- twice- that the boys needed new rows spaced out. My attention was on the kids at the pond. The two little boys held up their pants legs and waded deeper.

I kept hoping to see- or even HEAR an adult. The boys came out of the water and raced around the edge for aways. The little one lost his balance and fell in... I started towards the pond. He recovered his footing, and got out of the water. "Big" brother and small resumed wading. I had to know where the Parental Unit was. So I asked Tommy to watch Matthew while I walked over next door.

The older of the two boys ran away from the pond and left the little one trying to scramble up the embankment. I went around to the front porch of the neighbor's house and knocked on the door. There was a TINY toddler baby at the glass storm door, looking out. It took a minute before the mom showed up. I apologised for intruding, and asked her if the boys had been given permission to swim.

Of course, she had no idea! they would go down to the pond. They KNOW better!
I had been outside more than 20 minutes and no one had even CHECKED to see what the kids were doing. (The older boy told his Mom that the little one had been wading.... CYA!) I told her I had just been concerned about the boys swimming unsupervised, so was checking in with her before an accident happened. She thanked me, we chatted for a few minutes. I excused myself and came back to the garden.

Mr C will probably tell me I should mind my own business- don't stir up trouble with the neighbors.

He may just have to accept the fact I am a busybody.

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truth said...

I'm glad you're a busybody.