Thursday, April 17, 2008

New Word

We went to the library today, and the Twins were pointing out roadkill along the way. (It's a country kid thing) Daniel asks Sam: "Did you just see that disenheaded rabbit?"
While I ponder over just which word- or words- Dan has just butchered, he sees another roadkill, and exclaims: "There is another skunk... it was disenheaded too!"

I suppose I could just say he has coined a new word. We can add it to our family language.
One of the first words I can remember the twins coining was: "Turkey Leaf", said when they first found a turkey feather on the ground. They were barely three at the time, and knew what leaves were. And they realized the feather had fallen off the turkey in the same manner a leaf falls off of a tree.

Chris and Bill coined words too. They had liquid measurements in in "Gows" and "Gounces". They would ask for some of your drink, just a little "gow". You would think a "gow" equalled a sip... but sometimes they would chug the drink and hand you back an empty glass. Usually, a "gounce" was a large amount of something liquid- but sometimes it was smaller than a "gow".

I will have to remember some of the other words the kids have come up with over the years.

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truth said...

LOL, I love the made up words kids come up with. I laugh, as every once in awhile, my grown kids realize that a word they've said all their lives isn't an actual word or it is a variation of a real word. They are astounded.