Saturday, April 12, 2008


Today was my Pampered Chef Party. We had a real blast- only a few folks were able to come, but with my immediate family- that was a house full.
Tommy made some cheesecake 'bites' that were sooooo good! Too bad for those of you who couldn't be here, these were SO much better than whatever else you had going on!
I have until Tuesday or Wednesday to get orders from anyone who may have WANTED something from Pampered Chef but hasn't let me know. Becky is here with Tyrel. Mom and Ralph came up. We have had a great visit.
Ben and Tommy MIGHT be going home with Becky, to help repair the roof on her house after the storm. We should have a final decision from Mr C by tomorrow on them all heading that way. I would like to go, but I have Matt to look after.
Speaking of Matt, he was allowed to have all the Easter Candy he wanted to eat, courtesy of the Pampered Chef lady. He wanted a LOT. He got WILD. But when his Mommy and Daddy are here, I am NOT His Boss. He got to running around here, and due to the kitchen table being moved over a few feet for the cooking demonstration, Matt ran face first into a corner of the counter-top. This corner is normally blocked off by the kitchen table. He got a small cut under his eye- I am betting he has a black eye tomorrow.
I wish ALL of my friends could have been here.

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