Monday, September 8, 2008

And How was YOUR Day?

The twins are working on "singular" and "plural" words.

If 'tooth' is singular and 'teeth' is plural, why isn't one sheep a 'shoop'?

Why do I even think of things like that?

This week is my brother Robert's birthday, and my grandson Gavin's. Both were born September 11th. That is also the birth date of one of my internet acquaintances- Jenn "Nosewiper", and TWO old friends who both happened to be named Denise Louise. (Not related to one another... and I have lost track of both. One of these women helped me deliver my twins).

This week, my DIL Seneca finishes her classes to become a Medical Assistant.

This week, Tom and the boys are supposed to go to Ohio, if everything works out. (Just for a short visit.)

I sat last night watching two TV programs documenting why the Twin Towers and the Pentagon buildings collapsed structurally- and about the amazing stories of several survivors. I sat and cried again over the whole tragedy of the attacks.

My week doesn't have any plans other than the routine. Watch Matt, homeschool, clean house, and work. Provided the boys DO go to Ohio, I will have a couple of days off schooling. Guess I can try to get a couple of 'projects' done. Like cleaning off 'my' desk... a.k.a laundry room catch all. Maybe even re-re-re-reorganize the laundry room.

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