Friday, September 26, 2008

Overcoming Fears

I woke up this morning- early, since we had to take Becky to the airport- from a dream where I had been doing a lot of things that I am afraid to do when I am awake. I was climbing high ladders, looking down from cliff tops and rooftops. My co- inlaw (Becky's MIL) was also in the dream. We had gone to a beautiful beach, with crystal clean blue water and huge waves. Nola was telling me about how much she loved this place, as she swam through the waves. When I woke up, I realized that Nola hates water in her face as much as I hate climbing ladders. In my dream, we were both overcoming our fears. It was one of those long saga dreams, where I faced many fears I don't even think about having. I woke up feeling 'stronger', if that is the right word, about various things I have to do.
Becky's flights this morning appear to be going very well. No delays, and she was given seat assignments right up front. That is a rare thing when flying standby, even more rare when you have to change planes. Going from one Podunk to another practically guarantees you will have to change planes at a big airport somewhere. That airport is DFW for her.
She even checked her two bags... which we seldom to never do when flying, so she only had Tyrel and the diaper bag to keep up with... and a stroller to help with that! Yeah, she wound up taking home twice the stuff she came with. (Garage sale finds, her new lamp, candles, some autumn decor, new shoes, an extra pair of baby boots.... we filled up an entire (small) suitcase.) We had a great visit.
Tyrel even warmed up enough to climb voluntarily into Grumpa's lap last night. He walked over to Grumpa's chair, and demonstrated his climbing skills. He climbed right into his lap and bounced on him. He never did decide I was a nice person... but he did allow me to give him kisses when he left. They weren't even kibble kisses!
(The minute the dogs' food is poured, and Becky took her eye from Ty for even a minute... he was snacking on kibble).
Oh, last night as Becky was nursing Ty a short while after feeding him supper, he kept chewing on her. With his little sharp teeth, Becky would squeak, and tell him not to bite. She finally detached him, and discovered his cheeks were full of broccoli! He was trying to chew his broccoli while nursing! He has eaten pretty well while he was here, trying lots of big people food.
Yaaaawn. I went back to bed for an hour or so after we returned from the airport. Tom pestered me a couple of time, forgetting I have to work today. Yep, this is the start of my 3 day O'Reilly work week. I am noon to 7pm on Fridays for the next couple of months, and open to close both Saturday and Sunday. The twins are on their lessons, even though Sam isn't feeling well.

Have a wonderful day today!

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