Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thursday Evening

Matt and I had a couple of go- rounds today. When he gets in trouble, he wets his pants... which gets him in more trouble. He was doing SO WELL! I sent him to the bathroom... he was dry. He went into the bathroom... and came out one minute later with ALL his clothes wet. He peed all over the bathroom. *sigh* He was made to stand with his nose against the fridge... my form of 'standing in the corner', but I don't have a good corner... for shoving the baby down. The first time, it was just a warning. the second time, he got 'corner' time. It went from three minutes to four when he treated it as a joke.
Becky is leaving early in the morning. She has to be at the airport by 6:00 am. (Good thing we live so close!) So she is laundering and packing. Ty is feeling neglected... and he does NOT want Granny. Once again, after Matt left for the day, we headed to town. It was after four PM before we headed out the door. The twins BOTH needed new shoes. It hasn't been all that long since we got them the New Balance sneakers, has it? Daniels and Sam's NB were destroyed. Literally looked like rags on their feet. I have been putting them off for more than a week... but I couldn't let it go another day. They both got some hiking sneakers. Dan had fallen for a pair of waterproof boots... but they were mostly plastic, so I vetoed his choice. (I try not to veto the boys choices in clothing, but plastic doesn't last, plus makes their feet stink.... and Dan can have VERY stinky feet. (Like... OMG don't take your shoes off in the house! stinky feet!) $65 worth of shoes this afternoon.
Then we all went over to WalMart. We had run out of toothpaste, mouthwash, and bandaids... without which our house threatens to grind to a halt. At least for Dan. I dropped off the pictures we have taken over the week, plus a disposable camera with pictures that Dan and Sam took at Becky's this summer. We got fixins and made a chinese food supper: Beef and broccoli, egg drop soup, rice, and pre-made mini-eggrolls.
Then I ran in at Lowes and got the parts I needed to make my new lamps operational. I did mention I got new lamps last week, didn't I? I found two on clearance at WM for $5 each. I got shades at Lowes... and harps to hold up the shades. On arrival at home, I found that the harps from Lowes do NOT have finials... and cost more than the ones at WM. And one of the lamps was missing the knob to turn it on. So I got two finials and a knob this afternoon. My new lamps are on and so pretty.

Sam and Dan had things to say about my lamps: they are ugly. And Dumb. Lamps should looks like sticks and not be too fancy. And if any wife of Dan's ever wants anything fancy and dumb like lamps, that is just tooo bad.

What a grand influence Mr C is on his boys! I think it was a few months before this blog was started, when we learned that Sam thought that calling a girl a "cow" was complimentary. How will these boys ever cope with 'normal' women? They know all the terms of endearment. "You old large thang", the "Woman, LARGE woman" song, and that anything a female wants to watch on TV is automatically subjected to veto.
well, Guess I better get some good visits in with Becky and Ty before bed! goodnight!

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