Saturday, September 27, 2008


You never know when you will minister to someone.
Friday, just before closing at Oreilly's, a fellow came in. I helped him find his part... then offered other items in support of his purchase. I told him it is "Oreilly's equivalent of 'would you like fries with that?'" when he declined other items.
He began talking about how disappointed he was with Sonic. He ordered a banana split. When he got home, there was no banana... and no ice cream. Just whipped cream and toppings. He said he figured someone there needed further instruction on making a banana split.
I told him about Nola's kids... giving directions on making a banana split, and the results. (Mentioned in a post a couple of weeks ago). When I came to the part about Nola giving the child a dish, and explaining it was a representative of God's grace... the man's eyes filled with tears.

He began to tell me that he was going to start going to church with his daughter, because he realized his life had been filled with sin and he wanted to change. It wasn't until I was driving home a few minutes later that I realized I had blown an opportunity to lead someone to the Lord. His heart is ready. Maybe I just gave him a little extra motivation to get to church THIS week.

He said that "even if the religious people turn out to be wrong, and there really is not a God, their lives are still BETTER and more meaningful than those who never believed in God at all."

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truth said...

I'm so glad you were open and shared what your thoughts were. Even if you didn't take it further.

There are so many hurting people who get passed by every day. I am probably guilty of not even taking the time to have any kind of conversation in my hurriedness.