Friday, September 12, 2008

Mission Accomplished...

Or at least one of my self appointed tasks. I chained the dogs outside and flea bombed the house. It was overcast when I left, and I was hoping it wouldn't rain. Instead, the sun came out and I had a sauna when I got home- 86*

Add to that my plump, the exertion of opening windows, carrying in groceries, and releasing the exuberant mutts... I had to have another shower. The dogs get to stay inside until I have to leave for work.

I woke up (got woke up by the ticky clacky toenails of dogs wanting out) in the wee hours this morning. For some reason, as I lay there in the quiet, I realized for the first time that if I had not had the twins, ALL of my kids would be grown up now.
I thought of Tommy having already moved out- like his early determination to escape all confinement... and Ben still here. He always preferred the security zone his crib created when he was a baby. Becky was content "wherever", and entertained herself for hours on end at a very young age. (Sometimes playing with her dolls... sometimes coating herself and her surroundings with ____!!!)

I thought about how much a child needs limits and boundaries. Some kids turn 'wild' in an effort to get their parents to stand up to them and tell them "NO!".
Many of these wild kids turn into strict parents and responsible adults, sometimes overcompensating their own children for what they themselves lacked growing up.

My DIL Seneca graduates Monday from her M.A. classes. She had perfect attendance, and is valedictorian of her class. Congratulations, Seneca!
She did this while working full time and parenting five kids.

Seneca was a child who grew up wanting a responsible parent. I didn't know her back when she had a face full of piercings and purple hair. She was in her early teens when she found herself about to become a mother- and she turned herself into the mother she always longed for growing up. She was doing a fine job of raising her two daughters when she met my son.

It seems we either subconsciously hold to our childhood personality to some degree ... or we deliberately re-make our adult selves.

Tom and the boys enjoyed a safe trip. I stayed up late watching TV. I so seldom watch TV, I was surprised. I had intended to go out and get myself something to eat, but ended up without budging from the house all day- heating a can of tomato soup for my supper.

While at WalMart today, I did find a great deal on a set of bedsheets. $9.00 for a SET of king sheets. I wouldn't have chosen the color I got, if I had been paying the full price. But since I have been looking for a new set of sheets, I decided I could live with pink (they call them 'rose') sheets for that price. I wandered around in the store as long as I could stand, mostly re-stocking our supplies. How can we run out of toothpaste, shampoo, laundry detergent, and toilet cleanser all in the same week? Or was it just because I haven't been shopping myself in the last 6 weeks and these items just never made it to the list when Tom went?
Well, I'm fixing to go to work. That will be an end to the QUIET, LOL.
I'm always surprised at how I don't feel lonely when I am here by myself. I guess I just don't feel "alone". I hope I never feel that way.

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