Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Raining Sideways

It has been raining here for more than 24 hours. From a steady light rain to a total toad strangler in intensity, and back again. ALL of it has come down "sideways"- from the east. Benjamin pointed out that the power line pole is DRY on the west side.



But on the front porch- the totally covered front porch (the real estate agent has it listed as a "covered deck", LOL) we have a large bucket- inset at least 3 feet from the overhang- which has four inches of water in it. RAINWATER... it was empty yesterday. I have no idea how much it would contain if it were out IN the rain.

My bedroom window has been open all this time. It faces west, and I don't have so much as a spray on the screen. The front porch windows- six feet from the overhang- have had water blowing in them.

This is Hurricane Gustav passing directly over us... and we are hundreds of miles inland. As the storm has travelled, its path has gone from missing us completely, to being on the outskirts expecting 3 to 6 inches of rain, to being in the red zone with up to 12 inches of rain. Our house is on high ground- no worries about flooding.

And the west side of the poles are dry.

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