Monday, September 29, 2008

Need a break

I was telling my Mom a few days ago about one of my funniest moments of working at Eagle.

There was one creepy "old" guy (I found out later he is my age, LOL) who would come into the parts room every night and "hang out". (Also known as hiding from his crew chief). He would take a seat in the mechanics queue, and announce he was just taking a break. The guy really gave me the willies, and I would refuse to deal with him, pawning him off on my co-worker Don.

One night, a couple of younger mechanics came in. They were new to Eagle. They told me they needed a break. I said "OK" and went back to what I was doing. They sat down in the queue for several minutes. I went on working.

Then one of them repeated to me, "Ma'am? We need a break."

"That's fine", I said, "G***** comes in here all the time to take a break."

"uh, Ma'am? We need an AIRCRAFT BRAKE."

Oh boy, was my face red!

So who do I run into yesterday morning? The creepy guy. I had gone into the grocery store next door to O's to get some food to eat during the day, as we don't get a formal lunch break on Sunday. He was there. He wanted to chat and catch up on the good old days.


He told me that one of the other mechanics had heard I do some babysitting, and was looking for someone to keep his 7 month old. I told Creepy he could have the other guy call me and we would discuss it. Oh gee, did I fail to give Creepy my number? Darn.

The other mechanic can always get the number from Tom.

If he needs a sitter on the days I am keeping Matthew anyway, I wouldn't mind another kid. Matt needs someone to play with. Since the kid is younger, I would definitely charge more than I do for Matt.
Mr C found another house online. The big surprise? It is LOCAL. We did a driveby on it last night. It wouldn't be too bad of a place. There is only 1 acre, but it abuts some woods and a creek. And the location is good in that I would still be able to keep Matt, and work at Oreilly's. Plus it should be easy enough to sell IF Mr C ever really decides to go to Ohio.
Do I sound excited about it?
I am not EVEN getting my hopes up about buying a place.
Have a great day, everyone. Don't forget to take a "brake" once in awhile.

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Becky said...

I am babysitting Rhea Lynn today, I think two is actually easier then one in a lot of ways, they play well together and take very little "watching" I just keep them in the same room as me, and they entertain themselves. With an occasional pick me up from Ty for reassurance.