Thursday, September 4, 2008

Tell Me "It's a guy thing"!

Dan came in this morning saying he needed to give Drover a bath and spray him down with flea spray.

So he did.

Ben was forced to do the honors on Jaffa.

I was doing laundry, and demanded the used towels and white clothes for a bleach load.

In double checking that I had all the whites, I saw that the boys bathtub was still full of dog hair and dead fleas. I told Ben he needed to get in there and clean out their bathtub.

Daniel starts protesting.

"MOM! *I* cleaned out the bathtub just a few days ago!"

Surely I can't mean it needs cleaning again so soon! What's some dog fur and dead fleas on your feet when you shower? Who cares if the bathroom smells like wet dog and testosterone?

Mean Mom pushed the issue.

Then turned her mean attention to the twins room. One whiff of that place had me forcing them to haul out mattresses, bedding, taking down curtains. They are being forced to actually wipe down surfaces before their 10,000,000,000 Lego creations and pieces are returned to display.

I made a run to town for Lysol spray and some fabric freshener. Empty drawers so I can VERIFY the clothes in them are clean. I already have accumulated seven or eight loads of 'found' laundry and bedding.

I ventured to ask Ben when the last time he washed his sheets was.

After due consideration- he admitted it had 'been awhile'. Like, since Tommy moved out.

Gosh I love my days off!

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truth said...

LOL, reminds me of the time I went in my son's room and found this huge pyramid of empty soda cans. Apparently he'd been collecting them for awhile and couldn't possibly stop now since the pyramid wasn't complete yet. He admitted he hadn't drank all of those sodas, and had collected them from some of his sisters. I warned him he'd probably get mice because of it. Thankfully not.