Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Visiting CowGranny

Tyrel has really warmed up to us this week. He will now actually smile at both Tom and I, and even talk to us. Since he is only (almost) 14 months old, his talking mostly consists of moo-ing, saying mama, ohhhh! and "ow". He points his finger at us and says "pkwww", already making 'gun' noises.

Ty really enjoys the snacks Granny keeps out. He helps himself to them, until his Mommy catches him crunching one.
"No-No Tyrel, You don't eat the dog food!" , Becky tells him. He dutifully spits the kibble out... and as soon as she isn't looking, he snags another one. MMM-MMM! (Crunch on them long enough and they make GRAVY! Right in your mouth!)

Ty allows Grumpa to hold him now... as long as Grumpa is standing someplace Ty wants a better view of. He still isn't too thrilled with Granny... she isn't as acceptable as Uncle Daniel. Uncle Dan can tote Ty all over the house and yard. Dan says he is working on being the second favorite Uncle, behind Tommy. Chris, my oldest DS and Daddy to all the kids except Ty, says it isn't fair that he isn't Ty's favorite Uncle... Ty is his only chance (so far) to be an Uncle at all.

Becky and I got Ty a second pair of boots yesterday, just like the pair we got him last week, but the next size larger. He loves his boots- and they outgrow clothes so quickly at this age, we figured we ought to get them while they were available. In just the week since the boots were put out at the store, they have almost sold out. We got the last pair of size 5 yesterday.

Becky and I were going to go to the store for diapers yesterday, and to the "OOPS!" candle outlet. But since they were in totally opposite directions, we left "OOPS!" for another day. Maybe Thursday when I don't have Matt. Oh wait! I HAVE Matt this Thursday... the exchange day for not having him the Sunday the guys were in Ohio. Guess we will have to go some afternoon after Matt goes home... or brave taking him with us.

I took Matt to WalMart with me once. JUST once. That was enough. He is accustomed to getting whatever he wants, when he wants it... and shrieking when he doesn't. Since he has very few words that he speaks clearly enough to understand... he mostly just shrieked the entire time I was in the store. He was 2 1/2 at the time... . That was eight or nine months ago, and up until we went to the park last week, I have not taken him anywhere at all since. My errands wait for afternoon or days off. Maybe we will try again- "OOPS!" would be a good place for it.

Ty had missed his nap yesterday when we took him to WalMart. He was NOT happy, and shrieked endlessly, any time we stopped moving, until we were headed to the checkout line. THEN he fell asleep... and slept all the way out to the car. He woke up being put in the car... but at least had his screeching over with. He reminded me of Grumpa in the store... keep moving and get me out of here... you are not moving fast enough! I think he has that male anti-shopping gene.

Dan and Sam are ready to start lessons... so have a great day. I'm off of here.


truth said...

Give that little guy a big gramma hug from me, kibble breath and all.

Laurie said...

How long are Becky and Ty staying?

~Tammy~ said...

Only until Friday or Saturday. :(( Want to come over Thursday?