Monday, September 15, 2008


While I worked on my Mom's birthday present today, Matthew turned on Ben's keyboard, which was set to "repeat"... and "We Got The Beat". He held on to the top bunk as he jumped on the bottom captains bed... he has been jumping for an hour and a half now. He will be one worn out kid tonight. I finally finished the present! (tee hee... now she will be curious about what she's going to get!)

I have a roast beast in the slow cooker... Becky's flight will arrive this evening, with Tom and the boys driving home about 9 pm. I have the roast on low... and have been waiting to put the veggies in, so they will not overcook. Everyone can eat when they get here.

I got the new 'rose' sheets put on the bed, the kitchen cleaned up, laundry almost caught up. Still haven't finished my library books or gone to the library. (I'm on the SAME book I was reading last Wednesday!) It is a beautiful day here... clear blue sky, light breeze, 67*. I need to sweep the floors and pick up Matt's residual stuff after he goes home. Guess I ought to get started on that stuff!


mom said...

Well then I am just gonna 'THINK' about what I will do for YOUR happy birthday and you will have even longer to be curious tee hee You JUST think you know I will wait until the last minute and email an ebay gift card at you. Maybe I will really surprise you this year. (Probably NOT) Have a good visit and give my baby Ty lots of kisses n hugs from his GG

Mom said...

Becky, Ty was wanting to see his GG, not that ole Cowgranny that is keeping secrets about presents from her very own dear sweet Mother!!

truth said...

I can't wait to hear what you made for your mom.