Thursday, September 25, 2008

Still Early

Yesterday was a complete "about face" with Matt from the day before. His Mom picks him up at 2:45. At 2:35, I told him it was time to get his shoes and socks on. I handed him the socks, laid the shoes on either side of him to indicate which foot it went on. He had his socks AND shoes on, correctly, by 2:38. That is 3 minutes. He used the toilet all day.

This morning, he has taken himself potty... the 'next step' in training! Then I handed him his clothes. He got dressed, although his undies and shorts are on backwards. (I think that is a boy thing... all my boys wore their undies backwards, even when they were old enough to tell the difference!) He just brought me his socks and shoes... I told him OK, he can put them on if he wants to. (Unless we plan to go out, shoes and socks are optional during potty training. Matt insists he remove ALL clothing below the belly button before sitting on the potty. So he will be re-dressing several times today.)

I suppose that is all for now. Dan wants to get on and see if he has any comments on his blog yet.

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