Thursday, September 18, 2008

I love my family

In the few days Becky has been here, we have laughed and laughed... at nothing. Someone will say a word or two... which will remind us both of a joke we have heard. We look at one another and burst into laughter. This leaves those around us wondering WHAT is SO FUNNY?

This morning, Dan said he doesn't know why I am always buying more honey mustard, since we have several jars and *I* am the only one who likes it. I explained that I buy some when we are not home, as yesterday, and I want some for whatever we are eating. The remaining honey mustard comes home... so I have several opened jars in the fridge. I said that an awful lot of my jar was eaten yesterday "by you twins". Dan protested he had not had ANY. Ben interjects : "When Mom says TWINS, she means either one or BOTH of you, like you are interchangeable."

This was the laughter point for Becky and I... "When You've seen JUAN," I said... "You've seen JAMAL!" Becky finished.

Trust me, it was funny.

But left the guys scratching their heads.

Remember me mentioning the plant roller that Tom got me for our anniversary? My big tree is still out on the porch, so the roller was under the buffet, unused. It has been a terrific toy for Tyrel. It is a sturdy wooden platform on wheels... Which Ty sits on. We have taken turns pushing him around, while he makes car ... excuse me... TRUCK noises and laughs. He loved his cowgranny's spaghetti. I wish I had all my grandkids close enough to play with all the time!

I am NOT ready to go back to work! Starting tomorrow, I am supposed to work Fridays noon to 7 pm, for the next couple of months. The store is re-setting the displays from summer to winter. Tomorrow, I MIGHT be late. Mr C has a doctors appointment. He says he is feeling better, but he still needs to be checked out for a possible hernia. His appointment is early. Say a prayer for him.
I guess I better be thinking about our dinner. I plan to make eggrolls, but I have to wait til the kids get back. They all went to the library. Yeah, I copped out of going again this week. I just don't get out unless they make me!

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truth said...

I am so glad you and Becky had so many laughs between you. Just tell them it's a girl thing. (But now that I think about it, when my son is here, we laugh a lot too.)

But isn't it great as the kids get older, you get to have a "more adult" relationship with them?