Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Becky and I made it to "OOPS!" yesterday after Matt went home.
I had not asked ahead of time for Wanda to leave Matthew's car seat, so I had Tom bring it home when he came in for lunch. He usually has lunch about 11. Yesterday it was 1 pm before he got here, and we didn't have time to go and get back before Wanda gets here at 2:45. So bringing the carseat home was pointless. Oh well. We had had a terrible day yesterday.

Matt was required to put on his own socks and shoes. The socks took 2 hours. Then he peed on the floor. (He had been taken potty twice in the two hours.) That did NOT go over well, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt. Then it was time to put SHOES on. I sit him down with the right shoe on his right side, the left shoe on the left side. He immediatly puts the right shoe on the left foot. I told him it was a nice try, but that shoe goes on the other foot. I removed it, and showed him again, which shoe for which foot. He repeated the right shoe to the left foot. I took it off again, we started over. This time it was 45 minutes before he put the shoe on. We went to the potty and peepeed with one shoe. Took him about 30 seconds to get the second shoe on.
He ran to play. In about 10 minutes, I asked him did he need to potty. He said yes. So we went to the bathroom. He stood looking at me. I told him he was a big boy, he can pull down his drawers. He stood looking at me. I pulled down his drawers.. and he had crapped his pants. I know it was retaliation for making him put on his shoes and socks. I did manage not to beat his butt. But I revoked all his big boy priveleges. He didn't get to turn the light off or on. He didn't get to turn the faucet off or on.

Today is a new day. Starting over with a clean slate.

Becky and I went to "OOPS!" as soon as Matt was picked up. I didn't get as many candles as I usually do. (I exercised some restraint!) I did get Becky the cutest hanging lamp for her bedroom. It is tin, painted with a very feminine rose print. ($11.49). And I got Seneca a graduation gift... a picture frame for Chris' picture. It is the "Mr. Wonderful" frame. When you push a button, the frame says different things women want to hear.

"Of Course I want to spend more quality time with you! I'll just cancel that big night out I had planned with the boys."
"I'm sorry we argued. I knew you were right, I just couldn't admit it."

Plus several more things. I'm thinking this will be a good photo for the frame. It is "very Chris":

Becky and I found a lot of fun stuff to look at. We didn't spend a whole lot of money. Got out before either Daniel or Tyrel got too gripey. It was a fun afternoon, and we still got back before Mr C got home from work.

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