Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It's (my) FRIDAY!

Ok, so in your world it is Wednesday.

Matt has been so funny today. He keeps telling me "NAP TIME!". I have let him go into Ben's room, since I was in there working on Ben's computer, and lay down on the bottom bunk. He has been singing and dancing to "We've got the Beat!" playing over and over ... and over.... on Ben's keyboard. When I was done on Ben's computer, I made Matt leave the room when I did. He insisted "I NEE NAP!" and folding his hands aside his head as if he were sleeping.

Um. No.

Too much for him to get into in there. He isn't the least bit sleepy anyway. And it is less than an hour before his Mommy gets here. She will need his nap worse later than I do now.

I never made it out to the store yesterday. Ben made a chicken pot pie for supper last night. I'm not sure what to fix tonight. I am forcing myself to go to the store when Matt goes home today. I can decide then. I was sure thinking a pumpkin pie sounds good... but I'm not making one yet. Not until the guys are back to help eat it up!

The boys are pretty much packed for their trip. I have set out some things for Tom's Mom and for his brother. Knowing Mr C, they will be on the road at the "crap of dawn" in the morning. Tom has trouble staying asleep at night, and is almost always up by 4:30 in the morning. I expect they will be on the road by 6:00. My only 'plans' while they are gone are to go to the library, and to bug bomb the house against the rising flea infestation. I keep changing my mind on the timing of those things.

Guess I better get back to the tasks at hand. Hope you have a blessed day.

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truth said...

LOL, you are so funny.