Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Poor Old Al

I noticed a week or so ago that Al had "something" plastering her fur against her side. I commanded suggested Benjamin to give her a bath.

He did.

Tom pointed out to me this morning- Al has a LARGE bald spot on her side. I had totally forgotten the oily substance Ben has washed off of her. I asked Ben if he has noticed the bald spot. He reminded me that it was where she had had oil on her fur.

Poor old kitty is getting more decrepit day by day. More clumsy and .... elderly. The twins mock her clumsiness. Not the spry kitty she once was. I dreamed last night that she was infested with horrible worms, eating her from the inside out. In my dream, I was at my grandparents house (where my Mom currently lives). Becky was holding Al, when she (Al)LITERALLY turned inside out.. Becky screamed for help, as Al's face was the only part of her that remained "outside". I ran to help Becky turn Al "right side out". The kitty inflated like a cartoon character balloon, then died. (I had to shoot her ballooning form)

In real life, the poor cat is still alive. She spends the warm summer days sunning on the front porch. On the rare occasions she comes inside, she curls up in a drawer or a basket of clothes. I'm afraid she is not going to make it through the winter. We have had Al for more than 16 years. She is part of the family.

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