Tuesday, September 16, 2008

At House

Tom and the boys got back last night about 7:40. I was in the driveway when they pulled in, installing the car seat to go get Becky and Ty. So I gave hugs, and left them to unload the car while I went to the airport.

Ty has sure grown! He and Matt are having a good time with one another.

Tom has already got the fallen pear tree trimmed off, and the twins are slaving away at their school work. Unhappily. They have to write directions to instruct a person how to draw a given picture. Then I use their instructions to draw the picture.... and send them back for corrections. I am thinking of using Nola's idea of having them write instructions on how to make a banana split. Then we follow their directions. One of Nola's kids forgot to use a dish. They forgot to peel the banana... She was able to demonstrate the importance of giving good instructions... as well as how God's grace works. (She pre-washed the unpeeled bananas and handed the forgotten dish to the dismayed child holding banana halves in her hand.)

But we won't have the banana split lesson today... we have home made cheesecake for dessert tonite!

The Tyger is having a lot of fun finding toys at grandmoos house. He has liberated an empty sugar canister headed to the trash can. He has used a plastic cup and a piece from a toy to make a rattle. He loves Drover, and has been hugging and wallowing all over the tolerant doggy.

..... oh, before I close today.... I will try to post about my Mom's present, once it actually arrives at her house. :D (Her birthday is October 4th- I am intending she gets the present before she leaves for her family reunion on the 2nd!)

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mom said...

mean mean mean.tee hee PS Prayers for Bonnie Sue I had to spend the night there last night she couldn't get out of her chair (again) and it was broken so it wouldn't recline so upright all night with swollen footies hanging down...they looked like blimps by morning...she had to go back to the rest home and really needs them right now. Hugs Mom