Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Politics- my own Ranting

I usually don't have much, if anything to say about politics. Around our house, Mr C expresses plenty of political opinion. He says what he wants to say, and he can say it louder than anything you have to say. (Loudest means right! ) If I have an opinion on a matter, he will tell me what it is. (I have teased him about that.)

Last night, he and the twins were discussing caliber and gauge. He was explaining that the higher of gauge a shot is (for a shotgun), the smaller the shot. (20 gauge is smaller shot than 10 gauge.) Conversely, the higher caliber a shot is, the larger it is. (A .45 caliber is larger than a .22 )
While trying to explain how these two measurements came about- Mr C began to talk loudly. Then louder and louder- as I tried to ask questions. I thought I had reasoned out gauge. But I hadn't. So the 'lesson' grew in decibels. If you don't grasp an explanation right away- of course you will get it if it is repeated louder.

(The caliber is a measurement of size in millimeters, while gauge is a measurement more of how size and weight relate. You can divide one pound of lead into 20 pieces and have 20 gauge shot, or into 8 pieces for 8 gauge shot.)

Anyway, due to the "loud factor", I usually just keep my mouth shut on political matters. One is not allowed to disagree peacefully with Mr C.
Not that the opinion I am "fixing to" express is one we disagree about. ("Fixing To" is a southern term). It is MY very own opinion that hasn't even been trotted past Mr C., so he hasn't told me what I think about it. He may even agree.

In the narrow circles I travel around the internet, I have been reading about Sarah Palin and what a controversial choice she is for V.P.
Some of these opinions I have read say that a woman does not belong in a political office, much less the second highest office in the country. McCain is old. What if he dies and she steps in as President? I was against Hillary as president as much because she is a woman as because of her stance on issues. We are at war with countries who have no respect for women, and would not deal well with a woman as the leader of our country.

However, I find myself believing Sarah Palin is an excellent choice as V.P.
The office of V.P. has many duties, yet all of these duties are to help support the President as he runs the country. A political helpmeet. As such, a woman is an excellent choice. So what if something happened to McCain and Sarah Palin was made president?

Sarah Palin would step up to the plate and do the job. Just as women have done throughout all of history.
My great-grandmother raised six children after her husband passed away, in an era when women did NOT work outside the home. There was no "welfare net" to help her. She took in laundry, she baked, she cleaned houses for the well to do. She stepped up to the plate and did the job.

I believe that Sarah Palin would be accepted and respected as PRESIDENT on the merit of stepping up to the task if it were necessary. Accepted in the light of carrying on the job that was begun by another. Then it would be up to her to maintain the respect commanded of the office.

In my small circles, and on the radio stations Mr C listens to, There have been moans and wails and criticism for Palin's daughter being pregnant. When I first heard of the pregnancy, I thought "Oh No. Sarah Palin has so much to deal with right now- she didn't need a surprise like this to add to her worries."
THEN I learned that the daughter is five months along, and the family was not suddenly surprised with the news after the candidacy was announced.They have had time to adjust to the news of the daughter being pregnant. It has already become an accepted fact of life for them.

Still, as news to the general populace of the United States, people all voice their opinion on the matter. The girl was suddenly thrust into the larger arena. She was no longer the Governor's daughter "in trouble", but the daughter of the candidate for vice president of the United States. Her name is splashed across national news. There is "TALK". And speculation. Critcism of her mother's parenting abilities. (If her Mom had been HOME taking care of the kids, this would never have happened!, the critics imply.)

People ask why Sarah Palin didn't disclose the daughter's pregnancy as she introduced her family the day she was announced as candidate. The People Were Going To Find Out, the critics say, as if this was something deliberately hidden.
I happened to have noticed the day Sarah Palin introduced her family to the nation- she didn't hold up her baby son and say "This is my Down's Syndrome Baby". Was she hiding THAT? No. She just accepted him for who he is- no play for attention at his expense. This is the reason she didn't announce her daughter was "unwed and pregnant" on the stage in front of millions of people.

The announcement of Sarah Palin as running mate for McCain was the focus of that day. Her abilities, accomplishments, and the people standing with her were put forth. I'm sure the family was braced for the onslaught of publicity to follow. Even more than the fishbowl of State Governor, the family is exposed to media scrutiny and mudslinging.

I am just amazed at how much condemnation this girl is facing. I am going to say a name I never expected to write on my blog:

Jamie Lynn Spears.

That pregnant unwed teen continued to do CHILDREN'S TV.
Sarah Palin's daughter has not exhibited the "in your face" attitude. The family has accepted that this unplanned life has joined their family. It was not broadcast. Whose business was it before now? Other than as mud to sling, whose business is it still?

The pregnancy is old news to the Palins. They could not and would not have "kept it secret". It will have NO EFFECT on Palin's ability to hold the office.

Turn off the spotlight and leave the girl alone.

I also hear a lot of criticism about how can Palin raise children AND possibly run the country. "Raising Children is a full time job".
Hmmm. Guess Daddy Palin is going to be out of the picture.

People- these kids have TWO parents.
Daddy can drive the kids to hockey practice and take baby to physical therapy just as easily as MOMMY can. Parenting is NOT the exclusive role of the MOTHER.

I know several women with children who are LOUSY mothers. Being female doesn't automatically mean you are capable of raising kids.

I know men who have stepped up to the plate of child rearing, while holding down a full time job, and not having ANY outside help. Judging a person against a traditionally gender specific role is..... just wrong. (YOU can't raise good kids, you are a MAN. You can't be V.P., you have kids to raise!)

The Palin's can afford help. Being Vice President- or even PRESIDENT- does not occupy every minute of every day and preclude having time with one's family. They may have less family time together than other families, but they will have SOME.
If they are willing to sacrifice their private lives for the good of our country- there is no reason that Sarah Palin would NOT be a good V.P.

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truth said...

Isn't it funny how getting louder makes some think we'll "hear" and understand better?

I only recently have heard "fixin' to" and laugh as I don't really get it.

And I agree with you on McCain's VP choice. I think if the conservatives who've been so critical had any idea how many teens from decent families get abortions, they'd be shocked. One of the "Christian" men in our area who holds a political office very much encouraged his daughter to have an abortion-which she did. The only reason I knew was the boy who was the father of aborted baby was my son's friend. He was quite upset, but had no control over whether or not his child was aborted.

Of course, nobody dragged that girl out in the limelight. The pregnancy was quietly gotten rid of and not too many were the wiser.