Saturday, June 7, 2008

What Do Daniel and Sam want for their Birthday? (Updated)

I had the twins each make me a list of what they would like for their 12th birthday- coming in just under 2 weeks.
It is pretty interesting to me that without 'peer pressure', my kids have all stayed KIDS longer than other children their age. They gave me their lists- I have added some translation.

Daniel's List:
"The Quest for The Great White Quail" (A Hank the Cowdog book)
"Tornado" (Hank the Cowdog Game)
Hank the Cowdogs Greatest Hits Volume 3 and/or Volume 4 (CD's)
Hank the Cowdog Drawstring Back Pack
Hank the Cowdog "Warning" T-shirt (size 12)
A Multi-tool
an Alarm clock
An MP3 Player

Star Fox Command (Game for a Nintendo DS)

Sam's list:

A Hank, or Drover "Plush" (stuffed animal)
"The Case of the Kidnapped Collie" (A Hank the Cowdog Audio CD)
Lego Set
"Kirby Squeak Squad" (Game for Nintendo DS)
"The Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass" (game for nintendo DS)
Almost everything they would like can be found at and

They didn't put it on their list, but they would also enjoy a subscription to "Brickmaster" (Lego) Magazine

I thought of other things they would like but didn't put down: Street Hockey sticks,
Lego T-Shirts, a radio/cd player, Six Flags tickets, Paintball equipment, air-soft guns

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