Wednesday, June 25, 2008

In Which Reading and Tattoos are Similar

Daniel and Sam have used every spare moment the last couple of days, listening to an unabridged audio book of Mark Twian's "Tom Sawyer" . I had made several starts on reading this story aloud to them- but never got too far. My voice would give out... or I would start laughing so hard I would have tears running down my cheeks- as they would look at me wondering, "what was so funny?"
Being The Mom, there is always something I had to stop reading and take care of... or I would mislay the book, or we would lose our place from the last time....
Anyway- the audio book is wonderful. The narrator can get through the part of Tom doctoring the cat without going into hysterical laughter- one of the parts that gets me every time!
The twins actually got their room clean and rearranged while listening. Then, they went and picked up the actual BOOK, "Tom Sawyer". They want to read it... voluntarily!
We have gone from Hank the Cowdog to Tom Sawyer in just a few months. Not that they like Hank any less... Thank You, John R. Erickson, for igniting a love of reading in my children.
I do hope that the love of reading will stick with my kids. Reading is a bone of contention between DH and myself. He doesn't enjoy reading, and doesn't understand how anyone can be entertained by a book.
I suppose I can compare this in myself to not understanding why anyone would want a tattoo. I know that people become tattooed for a variety of reasons- but I just don't understand why they would want to get one at all. Some of my best friends and children have tattoos. I certainly don't like these people any less because of a tattoo- I just don't understand why they would want one- (or more.) Maybe it is the same for Mr C not understanding a love of reading.

Ok... time to get this day on the roll!

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