Monday, June 16, 2008


The weekend wasn't great. Too much time spread with too little to do. Unhappy DH just put a damper on everything we tried to do to celebrate Father's Day.
Tomorrow is Daniel and Samuel's 12th birthday. I have to go to town this afternoon, or tomorrow (I procrastinate too much) and get groceries. Yeah, it has only been a little less than a week, and I am out of things like milk, bread, peanut butter, and fruit. And Ice cream to go with the birthday cakes that I still have to bake. I also have a couple of presents left to buy to add to the ones on my desk. Those presents, from Becky and Grandma, have been creating a lot of wistful looks today. I did let them have their Nintendo DS games when they came in on Saturday. So at least the twins had a great time over the weekend.
Since we aren't getting to take a trip during my month without Matthew, I have suggested Ben and Tommy go ahead and start job hunting. That way they can afford their next car insurance payments. And they need job experience. Even when/if they continue their educations, they are going to need job experience.
The new school books came in today. I may not do any more school this week... or I might start on Wednesday. I haven't yet decided.
I don't know what I am supposed to do. I gave up several authors I enjoyed reading because DH didn't approve of my reading them. I have been reading some kids books, and Christian mystery authors. He still gets upset when I read. He considers non-technical reading as a waste of time. I can watch TV, but only shows he likes. He doesn't like home improvement shows, or shows about other people and their babies, or anything with a laugh track, or Who Dunnits. WHAT am I supposed to do in a rented house where I cannot do any 'improvements'. I cannot garden "because we aren't going to be here that long".
I can't ebay things, since I have no way of getting pictures onto the internet, and the connection speed is lacking when I try to upload. Reading is disapproved of. We don't GO anywhere. (There are crowds. Gas is too expensive. "That" would not be fun. {"That" being pretty much anything I suggest}. Hollywood is evil and we aren't going to support perversity. We don't have the money because {I} am not working.)

We sit around on weekends and look at houses in Ohio online.
I'm depressed.


Pam's Pride said...

HUGS!!! I hear ya on the TV shows...somehow it is MY fault if we are watching something... something we normaly watch and then suddenly a gay scene comes on...somehow it is MY fault and I need to change the channel immediately and never watch that show again! Ughh!!
Slow dial up would drive me crazy.

Becky said...

poor mommy. I will come visit soon. After the CHL class.