Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Too Quiet

You wouldn't think that four boys could be so quiet. I guess growing up makes them quieter. (Not that I noticed it in other families... back when we knew other families).
Maybe I am missing having Matthew around. I hear he is having a wonderful time with his grandparents. They are camping at a lake, where Matt gets to go out on the boat with grandpa and fish every day. Other grandparents are there with grandkids, so Matt also has playmates. He won't be wanting to come back here!
Mr C called the employer- the one he needed a resume for. The position had already been filled. Anyone holding their breath can exhale.
Nobody was holding their breath?
I woke up this morning feeling much less depressed- someone must be praying for me. Thank you!
I expect some sort of good changes are on the way.
It is hard knowing that your kids are preparing to leave the nest. Even though you know it is right, and that the day has to come- it is hard.
Have I done everything I can for them to be a success on their own?
What more remains to be done?
It doesn't seem to be getting any easier- despite having been through this three times already.
And I am already thinking it is too quiet?
Have a wonderful day, everyone!

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