Thursday, June 12, 2008

We Gots Grads!

The Adult Learning Center called Ben and Tommy this afternoon to inform them of their scores on the GED. Their scores were: "um, ah.... well.... we passed!" They said that as soon as the lady told them they had passed, they essentially stopped listening.

Yep, they must be grown men now: Filter out the essential details (we passed) of the female speaking- while the rest is so much blah blah bzzt ztttzzzzttz zzzzztt ztt blah blah ztt zzzzt.

Tommy remembered he got 570 on writing, and 700 in Science. His average was "600 and something". Ben remembers getting 700 in Science. His average was also "600 hundred something". I KNEW I should of had the lady talk to me when she was done with them, if I wanted to know details.

Sort of like when men pass along birth information. "Sally Mae had her baby", a man says to his wife.
"Oh good!" replies the wife. "Was it a boy or a girl? How much did it weigh? What are they going to name it?"
"Ummmm..... is that really important? Maybe you can call Sally Mae?"
Now the boys can start job hunting. Unless we ARE going to Ohio. Then, depending on whether it is "just a vacation", or a prelude to a permanent move- they can wait until we get back or look up there.

I am just almost positive Tommy will be wanting to move to Texas- at least someday. He blushes fire engine red any time a person mentions this, or asks him about his reason for wanting to move there. Maybe he ought to start his courting like Becky and Stephen did- via internet. However, he needs to learn a trade or skill before starting his family efforts. Mr C was telling me about an apprentice program (in Columbus) that trains people in HVAC. (Heating and AC). They pay wages to their trainees as they learn the HVAC trade... wages increasing during the two years of training. But AFTER they are licensed HVAC, the must agree to work for the company for two years (at 'only' $16 per hour) or repay training costs, pro-rated. ($1300) So it really sounds like a good deal- IF a person were willing to become licensed in HVAC. (A skill that applies pretty much anywhere in the US... even in West Texas.)

Now, what on earth shall we do to celebrate our new Grads accomplishments?

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Pam's Pride said...

WOOHOO!! Congrats on passing your tests guys!!