Sunday, June 22, 2008

Great Minds... and Becky Moments

This morning when I woke up, I was thinking of doing a "Becky Moments" post. Then I read in the comment(s) to my 100 post... Becky suggested I could do 100 Becky moments,. LOL. Must be our Pizz-Chick connection. A "Becky Moment" is our term for when an otherwise very smart person suddenly lapses into blondeness. Becky was famous for these while growing up.

The first Becky Moment that came to mind this morning was her instructions to one of her siblings on how to read a compass. "The needle on a compass always points to the North. So you hold the compass in your hand with the needle pointing to the "N". Then you look at the compass, and whatever direction is on front of you... that is the direction you are facing."

Tommy reminds me of Becky's "upside down sound". Sitting in front of a small stereo speaker... she wondered out loud : "I wonder what this would sound like upside down?".
Or... "You can't get a kink in a power cord... the power still gets through".

Becky was the kid who would do her older brothers chores- like washing the dishes- so that they would "let her" help them push the lawnmower. If she did a really good job on the kitchen, they would even let her push it all by herself as long as she wanted!

I had my own Becky Moment on the way to town the other day. I was talking to my Mom on the cell phone as I left the house. Tommy was driving... so I just continued my conversation to the end. As I was hanging up.... I remarked that we had better get home before Mr C did, since I had forgotten to bring along my cell phone. It wasn't in my purse where I keep it! Duh-uhhh ... Becky must come by it honestly!

Maybe I can think up some more Becky Moments later....

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