Thursday, June 26, 2008

COW- Momba!

The first of these pictures is a cookie jar I used to have. Tom and the kids dubbed it "The Statue of Mom". I sold it in a GROJ sale, and have never heard the end of it. So I am keeping my eye out to replace it- cheap.

This cow/ bull in blue overalls is a recent find. Looks like I have a cookie jar collection started, doesn't it? He arrived today.

And these two brown cows are "salt and pepper shakers". They also arrived today. Good thing I don't plan on actually USING them for S&P... they are huge! They would probably hold a cup and a half of salt!

I really am trying to stay off eBay!
Becky is coming tomorrow... a surprise for her Daddy! I will be so glad to see her!
As an added bonus, she is bringing cute little Tyrel along. He is almost walking. Becky told me he tried taking a step several times over the last couple of days, but fell on his sitty-downer. He might demonstrate to his Cowgranny how much he has grown. Last time I saw him in person- he was barely rolling over- and "airplaning". He would lay on his tummy looking like a skydiver- arms and legs arched in the air behind him. NOW he is cruising and trying to walk.
So we are getting the house extra clean. Tommy took the area rugs out and beat them. Dan is sweeping and mopping the front room- he does almost as good of a job as Tommy does: Moving furniture, dusting, then sweeping and mopping. I will have to figure out who the proper bathroom cleaner is today, and make sure they do a good job on the front bathroom. Tom and I always use the bathroom off our bedroom- and FOUR teen/preteen boys use the front bath. It has a tendancy to smell like a locker room.
I just conquered Mt. Washmore. AFTER demanding the hoarded laundry from the boys rooms. Whoo Hoo! (I even picked up Mr C's collection from his side of the bed.)
I have heard from both my DIL's in the last couple of days. Wondering why their husbands aren't the housekeepers that the younger boys are. I have no answer. When those two were younger... Chris was a good housekeeper. It was Felix and Oscar in their bedroom. Chris was Mr Obsessive-compulsive neat. Bill was- and IS- Bill. He could stretch a sinkfull of breakfast dishes into an all-day chore.
When he WANTS to clean, he can obsess with the best of them.
ALL of the boys can cook- and actually seem to enjoy it.

I suppose I OUGHT to be thinking of things to cook while Becky is here. I try to make the kids favorites whenever I can during their visits.
Have a wonderful day!

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RZ said...

So our little Romans 3 chicken is coming to visit you instead of doing her duty here. We will get her back for this.