Sunday, June 8, 2008

Ordering online!

I have had such fun the last couple of days! Since my Dad doesn't read blogs: I got him two polo shirts (with pocket), and a book by Patrick F. McManus for Father's Day. I didn't know McManus wrote a fiction series! I was really at a loss for what to get him.... what do you get a person who has pretty much everything he wants? He sure doesn't need more 'collectibles', especially basset hounds. I was forbidden to get him more coffee cups... guess Tom will get those, LOL. (Got a set at Save A Lot Friday!) Now I just have to figure out something for Ralph. (Harder, as he doesn't read for pleasure- has even more specific tastes in clothes and shoes, and also has plenty of coffee cups!)

I also went to Overstock dot com and got several things: A Stooges collection on DVD for Tom, a couple of Nintendo DS games, and a Hank the Cowdog CD for Daniel and Sam's birthday.
I have looked at, but not yet purchased, some new school books for Daniel and Sam.
The stuff that Dan and Sam have on their list has lines through the items they will be receiving... so if you get them something from the list, let me know so I can mark through it.

Mr C says maybe we will plan a trip to Ohio. I will be without Matt for a month, after next week.

oh, Becky and Stephen have a new venture JUST STARTED! They have a store on ETSY, a site for people to market handcrafted items. Their "storefront" is As of this very minute, they only have on item in it, but should soon be adding more items, like the Cowgranny's Taggy Draggy blankets, cloth diaper covers, and more western welded horse shoe items. So go take a peek, bookmark it.... and next time you need a handmade gift, try her shop first!

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truth said...

I have been tempted to post things like what I got someone for their birthday. But I figure about the time I do, that person will read my blog even if they never have before.