Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Yesterday was a pretty good day. Daniel and Samuel really liked their birthday gifts. Tommy baked and frosted their cakes. Using a loaf pan as the base, and cupcakes as the 'bumps'... "lego" bricks were formed. Sam had a lemon cake with lemon frosting. Daniel had chosen a banana cake, with strawberry frosting.

As Tommy iced the banana cake, Daniel looked at it with apprehension. "I guess I didn't realize that strawberry frosting would be PINK," he said. So we had pink and yellow cakes... like the Spongebob episode where SB and Patrick taunt one another: "Pink!" "Yellow!"

The cakes were tasty.... or so I was told. (I don't eat cake... at least not often.) We sang happy birthday, after having take-out pizza from Jim's Razorback for supper. The boys got to open their gifts at while Tom was home for lunch. They played Hank the Cowdog cd's on the listening devices, wearing their earbuds. They wore their Hank T shirts, and carried things around in their Hank backpacks.

Once Mr C went to bed, I asked the boys if they were satisfied with the way their birthday had turned out. They were. Before he went to bed, Sam came and said "Thanks for everything, Mom. I had a really good day."


Our Internet has refused to connect for most of the day. I called the ISP... and it wasn't just us. They hoped to have it fixed 'soon'. We eventually have achieved sporadic connection.


The twins started the remedial Language units today. We are continuing in Math, and Building Thinking Skills, as well as some supplemental American History workbooks.
Poor old Al. Once again, she has been urinating on clean clothes. Clean clothes waiting to be folded and put away, and on clothes laid out for the next day's wear. Her MEEEE-OOOOOOWWWWW-YOW-OWLLLLL atomic meowing has become more frequent during the night. In the daytime, she finds a warm spot and pretty much stays put. We have to look closely to see if she is still breathing. The last bout of "using" laundry baskets was solved by adding an additional litterbox in another part of the house, and making sure the laundry was dealt with entirely, every day. I don't know what to do this time.

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