Friday, June 27, 2008

The Dream seemed so real

Last night (technically early this morning) I woke up having night sweats one of my short, private tropical vacations. I was sooo thirsty- I couldn't just lay there and wait for morning to get a drink. I also had a pounding headache- which CAN be caused by dehydration. I got up and chugged two mason jars worth of water... and an advil.

When I do have to get up in the night, I have trouble falling back to sleep. It was 3:45 when I got up for my drink. I layed in the bed with my head pounding and drenched in sweat, wondering if I would ever be able to get back to sleep... and I found myself in the kitchen, standing in front of the sink.
I was talking to Tom and someone else about having a calling of God upon ones life. We were talking about not being where we knew we ought to be in our walk with God. I told someone that the Gifts of God are without repentance. When God gives you a Gift, he doesn't remove it when you walk too far away from him.

I said, "I know God wants me to lay hands on people and heal the sick". I put my two hands together in front of me- and I could see the power in them- I could feel the virtue of God's healing power rushing through my arms and into my hands like lightening bolts. I laid my hand on my own head, and felt myself falling out in the Spirit. I said, this is how Jesus knew when the person touched the hem of his garment - he felt the healing power going out into the man in the crowd.

Then I woke up.
I prayed for a really long time before I went back to sleep.

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truth said...

"one of my short, private tropical vacations" You are sooo funny!

God's gifts are absolutely irrevocable. Sounds like He was trying to tell you something. Girl, get those hands going. I believe my son has a gift of healing also, but he isn't using it at the moment. But I do believe he will soon.

I have felt for some time that my daughter El will not be healed by anything medical, but by someone laying hands on her and praying. Are you coming to Colorado any time soon?