Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Do You Like Blacksberrys pie?

Ala Bahma asked Bugs bunny.

Tommy the Walker pronounced the first crop of roadside wild blackberries worth picking. He, Ben, and Daniel set forth and came back with almost two quarts. Instead of putting these by, Tommy is baking a fresh blackberry pie. MMM MMM MMM!

When I was buying groceries the other day, I found a reasonably priced package of stew meat. (The store had roast beast on sale- I am sure these were trimmings from those). Normally, I use leftover roast to make stew. But this was a good deal; so that is what we are making for supper in the slow cooker. In some ways, I like starting with the raw stew meat better than the cooked leftover roast. We cut the stew meat into bite sized pieces, dredge in seasoned flour, then brown the floured meat in a skillet. It just tastes better than the leftover roast... which isn't bad!

I had a message on myspace from my friend Laurie... her blueberries are ready to pick! I was hoping to go pick some tomorrow or the next day. Then I talked to Becky... and she is going to come in on Friday (Surprise, Mr C!) and we will try to go to Laurie's on Saturday.

Fresh blueberries, blackberries, and the wild plums are nearing ripe... oh boy, summertime! I hope we can gather enough blackberries and plums this year to can some jelly. The blueberries will probably go into the freezer, for the most part. If cherries and strawberries start coming down to a more reasonable price, I will put some of those into the freezer too.

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