Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Today, my twin babies are 12 years old. The last year before they reach their teens.
They are going to have 'Lego Bricks' as birthday cakes. Tommy has been busy baking all morning. I hope to be able to post pictures... but to do that I have to have them put on disk first. So it won't be today!

They will be getting many of the items- MOST of the items- on their list. Tommy got them each a very nice pocket knife. (The knives were NOT cheap!) It was his own idea- he said their pocket knives were 'junk'. I got them a 'boombox'. Not exactly what I wanted, but the shelves were virtually bare of CD players as we shopped yesterday. They are getting a very very cheap clock radio. I found ONE portable, personal cd player in my budget range, but got it anyway (in addition to the boombox). I found a K'Nex set that will work with Lego's, since the Lego shelves were also rather bare.
Grandma got them Hank T shirts and the Hank Tornado board game. Becky got them Hank backpacks. They received several other gifts as well. Maybe we will let them open presents while Dad is home for lunch. (The cakes aren't yet ready).

I just can't believe how much they have grown up.

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