Monday, June 23, 2008

Library Day

I have been out of books all weekend. Dan has been pestering me since Friday evening to go to the library- so we went this morning.
I also stopped at the post office for stamps and to mail the letters that didn't go out Saturday.
Last time I was at the Library, I bought a couple of audio books from the library used book store. One was "The Hobbit", which we listened to today, on the way *there and back again*. (Insider joke for Hobbit fans).
Today, the twins found an audio book of Tom Sawyer, which they are listening to as they *clean their room*. (Insider joke for parents whose kids say they are cleaning their room)
(For non Hobbit fans- the main character in the book names his journey "There and Back Again". For non parents- any time a kid says they are cleaning their room- it is a joke.)

I was in a lousy mood all weekend- just irritable and crabby for no good reason. I did put in several more applications to various companies in Ohio. Another colossal waste of time. Mr C looked at houses online- there and here. He says he needs a resume to apply for an interesting job he saw there. I started making him one during his lunch break today. When you have worked for the same company for almost 19 years... the resume is going to be pretty short!

Just so you know- even if he sends in his resume- it doesn't mean he will be offered a job. Even if he is offered a job- it doesn't mean he will accept it. Even if he accepts the job, it doesn't mean we will actually and in fact move to Ohio so that he can work at said job.
Having been down all of these roads before, I have learned I cannot count on any decision being a "final" decision.

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