Sunday, July 27, 2008

Becky Moments... where DID they come from?

I had myself a doozy of a Becky Moment this afternoon. This made Mr C question the origins of Becky Moments.

We have had a rodent invade our house- sneaking onto countertops to boldly try for goodies even with people in the kitchen. Mr C invested in some nice new mousetraps. (That means they are CLEAN until they catch a beast). I saw one sitting out as I was cooking supper- and noticed it needed to be re-baited.

Note to self (and others who would learn from the stupid mistakes of other people): Always disengage the trap before attempting to re- bait it!

I was NOT thinking.... obviously!

The snap of the trap about scared the wits out of me... not to mention OUCH! My finger isn't broken... but I have always had blood veins that break easily. I have a heck of a swelling coming on, right on the knuckle.

Can you say DUH-UH?

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