Thursday, July 17, 2008

Gainfully Employed

I am once again gainfully employed. O'Reilly Auto Parts has offered me a part time (Hooray for PART time). Provided I pass the background check- which should not be a problem- I will be working by next week.

This meshes perfectly with keeping Matthew... and I can keep Matt while homeschooling.

We will either be doing school on Sunday- or only 3 days a week. (Mon-Weds.). Of course, I can make assignments on Thursday and Friday mornings in the subjects that are easier- like reading and writing. That sounds best to me- I will be off on Sunday afternoons with Tom. He will be home Friday and Saturday to supervise the twins with lessons and housework. Ha- I figured that out while typing.

Mr C came home for lunch and I told him about the job offer. He said he was hoping I would have been hired on in Ohio. *sigh*

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truth said...

LOL, did he really want Ohio???? Congrats! Sounds like it worked out perfectly, at least for now.