Wednesday, July 23, 2008

first day recap

Whoo- am I tired! There are no stools nor chairs- except in the break area. It was half past lunch when someone remembered me and the other newby had no clue... I went across the parking lot to Sonic...

Every space was full, and a line of 8 or more at the drive through. I opted for home- less than 10 minutes away. Snagged a morsel of leftovers, sat for a few minutes and changed shoes (secret of survival on concrete floors- a change of footwear). Then back to work. I was sooo glad to see 7pm roll around. I would never- EVER- have suspected this small town parts store of being so busy. There was only twice today that didn't have at LEAST two customers in there... and that was briefly.

I "got" the computer system. After Eagle- it is a breeze- a dream! Easy, user friendly, wonderful! The parts storage was chaos... and it is mine and the other newby who are designated to "fix" it. Today we learned general locations, changed prices... mostly UP, but some significantly down. I got through three and a half of six pages of "out of stock" items... comparing our computer stock to the actual stock. Boy is THAT off! But my feet and legs are falling off tonight. I know it takes awhile to adjust- and I have been off the concrete floors for 7 months. ARRGH.

I work (training) straight through to Tuesday. Yep, that is 60 working hours before my first day off my "part time" job. After that, I should be about 24 hours a week. I told the boss man it was OK, since Matt is gone another week and a half. I never had a chance to ask about future days off (as in travelling). Probably not a good topic for day one.

Everyone has been very nice. I wasn't stressed out too bad. I answered the phone 4 times, and "rang up" several customers under supervision. I offered help to several customers- including a battery sale!, and assisted some phone customers. I just hope I DON'T Dream about the job all week.

My first night of being a mail carrier- I dreamed I was delivering a milk crate full of mail by scooting a wheeled office chair down the road. Nightmares!

yes, it is less per hour than Eagle. But it is delightfully part time! Hooray... or hooray once part time starts.

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