Monday, July 14, 2008

Home safely...

Mom and I went and visited one of her friends today. Bonnie Sue is in a recovery home... whatever they call the places you get physical therapy after a hospitalization, but before you can go home. Please be praying for Bonnie Sue to recover quickly, so that she can go home!

Yesterday we went and saw Granny. I got some pictures where she actually looks lucid. Not that I understood much of what she said... but her pictures made her look less frail and 'out of it' than she has in a couple of years.

While we were out, Mom and I got hair cuts... AFTER coloring our grey yesterday afternoon. (We had a girls day!) (Mr C didn't notice or didn't mention it)
I had a safe, pleasant flight home. My "Statue of Mom" was here when I arrived. Except it didn't have a safe journey. It is literally broken to bits. It was VERY POORLY wrapped. Apparently the seller took it out on me that he got no other bids on his " LOW OPENING BID, NO RESERVE" and also underestimated the shipping. He paid to send me the cookie jar. That happened to me before, as a seller on ebay. I was aggravated I had underestimated the shipping cost, but considered it a lesson learned. I didn't sabotage the packaging because I messed up.
So yeah, they may refund my .50 bid. Which wasn't my HIGH bid... just no one else bid, and that was their opening asking price. I think they should refund my ENTIRE cost, shipping and all, since they failed to offer insurance and then pretty much just tossed it in a box and shipped it. They would then be out another $7.50. THAT would get them a neutral feedback. The full refund PLUS and apology I might rate positive..... maybe. Guess I will be back to looking for the Statue of Mom cookie jar.

Mom took pictures of my haircut... which I will post after she uploads them for me.

Oh, I also got a call from AutoZone while I was gone... I may be interviewed. (Centerton, AR) I will call them back tomorrow. Should I hope NOT to be hired... as in I really don't want to do this? Or Nike? (just Do It).
If hired locally, they have to work around Matt.
Well. that's about all from here. Have a great evening!

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