Friday, July 25, 2008

Happy Birthday, Tyrel

Here it is already a whole year since Ty was born.
He has really grown!
My nephew Tony will be graduating from basic training Friday- at 10 am at the Theatre on Ft Sill.... in case any of my kids wanted to go. We are proud of you, Tony!*****************************
Yesterday was my first day on the cash register. The young man who was in charge at closing was astonished... my drawer balanced perfectly. I would have been astonished if it hadn't. Thanks to Noel Reeves, the manager of the Duncan WalMart. Noel insisted his cashiers count the change back to customers. If he observed you just handing change back, you were warned. Once. I had several customers of the handful who paid out in cash yesterday, comment that they appreciated having the change counted back to them. The young man in charge yesterday said he has worked at O's for a year... and had his drawer come out perfectly ONCE.
Not that I didn't make mistakes yesterday.... not getting credit card sales signed, forgetting my key in the cash drawer, just not "getting" how to fix an exchange/refund/ plus additional sale on a single ticket. My brain was mush.
Now I am off to do it again.
What I was doing a year ago was WAY more fun. (Holding a really fresh grandbaby)

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