Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Feels like I haven't slept

I know I slept. Bad dreams plagued my sleep. I know I slept, even though I thought I was awake during some of last nights misadventures.

I woke up in my bed in an aisle of O'Reilly's Auto Parts- someone asking me where to find the oil. That was weird. Naturally, I got right up and began stocking shelves. I hate it when I keep right on working when I'm dreaming.

How bizarre dreams are in the light of day! ************************

I was home for lunch yesterday and talked to Wanda. Matthew comes back this weekend, and I resume sitting for him on Sunday. Wanda and Tom may see if they can take some of the same days off in October- and I will ask my new boss to take me off the schedule for a few days if he can- so I can make a trip to Ohio. If I can't get off from O's, maybe I can just fly up for a couple of the days I don't have Matt.
What good are 'flight benefits' if you never use them? It IS hard to get in and out of Port Columbus, though, flying standby.********************

We have had a summer break from schooling since the twins went to Becky's. They have been back almost two weeks- so we really need to get back on track. I do have some supplies I need to get ordered... but first I have to decide just what I need. I had a list all made up- but it has been mislaid. Oh well- the catalogs are lots of fun to go through. One of the top of the list items is a computer! Wish me luck on that one. **********************

I will close this morning with a laugh Sam and I had a few nights ago. Tom and Sam were watching a TV show- I think it is called "Monster Quest". The folks on the show were looking for Sasquatch in Oklahoma, where 'many sightings have occurred for years'. The host had a guide trekking up along a mountain, and they are whispering back and forth. The guide stops and sniffs the air. "Do you smell that? Can you smell him?" At this point Sam says in a stage whisper, "Oh sorry! That was Me".
We both got to laughing so hard Mr C threatened to turn off the show.*********

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truth said...

LOL, so funny! I've had wierd dreams lately too. I didn't know you had flight benefits. My mom and dad do too, but they don't use them much.