Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Getting nowhere

O's failed to call yesterday. I suppose if they don't call by noon, I will call them. I sacked out early last night- then didn't get up when Mr C did. I was well rested enough this morning that my dreams dissolved into chaos.
As I woke up, I was frustrated because I couldn't type a web address into the address bar on someone else's computer. I would get so far, and hit a wrong key- and in trying to back up would erase all I had typed... over and over again. I was delighted to discover I was dreaming. Once awake, I wondered WHY I would really even want to go to Sesame Street and listen to the wubba song.

Becky has a list up (on her blog) for Tyrel's first birthday. I mentioned to Mr C last night I needed to deal with that... then never did. He is someone who doesn't mind waiting until the last second to decide something- while I prefer to get things done ahead of time. Occasionally, this causes me some stress. In the last year or so, I have begun taking matters into my own hands most of the time. Mr C never has been a leader type.

So I suppose I just better get with the program and get something going for the Ty'ger. I think choosing birthday presents and sending appropriate cards in a timely manner is somewhere in the job description in the Wife's Handbook. I don't know, because I never did get a copy of it. But when one of my in-laws birthdays rolls around, Mr C asks me if I sent a card... so I am sure it must be my job. And you know what a terrible ordeal it is to check out the greeting cards aisles. (LOL)

Alrighty then... time I got off here and got started on the que necessitos. Have a blessed day... maybe I will be back later.

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