Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Take a message, please

This morning, I called the Auto Zone number someone took down yesterday. Someone with handwriting very much like Tom's. All of the possible message takers yesterday were over the age of 18.

There was no message written, just a phone number... which I called. I identified myself, and the reason for my call. I arranged an interview for 3:00 pm this afternoon. To my complete and utter surprise... my interview is in GENTRY. There is no Auto Zone in Gentry. There IS an O'Reilly Auto Parts. Which happens to be who called me. NOT Auto Zone. Not that it makes any difference to me which one called... but I am sure it makes a difference to THEM. Both are almost the same distance from my house. I would just think that adults could take a simple message.

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truth said...

Hmmm...I have adults like that at my house (including the darling one I'm married to.) But that is only if they actually answer the phone. I prefer that they don't and the person leaves a message on the machine (but my husband likes to delete those too.)