Monday, July 21, 2008

What happened?

The guys all got home back from West Texas Saturday evening while I was at the baby shower. It was good to see so many of my old friends and former co-workers. The baby was 7 weeks old already.... I was thinking she was about a month old! But she is TINY, and I got to hold her. She got LOTS of little pink clothes. The BBQ was delicious.... I had a great time.

Mr C was up and busy early yesterday. He changed the oil on at least one of the vehicles, mowed the yard, and washed the car he took to Texas. Ben was also busy... he cleaned his bedroom within an inch of its existence. Normally, Ben is a bit less than neat. Not a total slob- but if something needs cleaned, he has to be reminded. Maybe this is a reaction to missing Tommy. These two have always been very close. (All my boys came in pairs.) I think Ben was replaced by an alien clone.

It is really strange to some people to hear us talk about how empty the house feels when we are down by even one kid. It takes a period of time for us to adjust to the 'new normal'. At the baby shower- I had people asking me if I was doing the happy dance: Another kid has finally left home.

Um, No.
I can't quite grasp the joy these folks exhibit over a kid moving out. These people look forward to not having ANY kids at home- how strange is that?

Daniel and Sam both appear to have grown several inches in the last two weeks. And spent a good deal of time outside- they are tanned! I guess we ought to measure them for the record.

Our home in Marlow had a board in the pantry where we marked everyone's growth... from the time the twins were big enough to stand. I wish we had taken that board with us. Mr C had a minor meltdown yesterday over missing that house. It would be within a year or two of being paid off by now- as we consistently paid extra principle every month. We had deer and wild turkey, a garden and chickens. As Tom said- it still feels like we had the rug yanked from beneath us.

We were watching a Batman movie on TV. Watching a movie as new as Batman Begins is a very rare thing around here. Tom had just wondered aloud whether the movie had been edited for TV, or if this was actually a 'clean' movie- when he discovered it was not exactly clean nor edited. This brought us to the discussion of Becky and Tommy and the Concho Pearl. Tom said he has to give Tommy a lot of credit for not living at home in fear, but boldly stepping out and giving this a shot. He has pointed himself in a direction and launched. (This is about as close as Mr C ever gets to patting a person on the back).

Today I am supposed to get a call about coming on down to O'Reilly's to start training. Mr C is hoping Anixter calls me for a second, and schedules a third interview. IF they did that fairly soon- like in the next ten days or so- I could go on up and interview before Matthew gets back. Otherwise, I would have to draft Ben into babysitting Matt, and going up there on my off days from O's. If I flew up for an interview, I would have to borrow my MIL's car. Or rent one. Or else do a 'quick' drive up and back. (It is a 13 hour drive one way). If Ben were stuck watching Matthew, I would be driving by myself. Not that I mind.

So things are still all waffley here. We will see what the day brings!

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