Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Shaking in my boots... or lack thereof

This is the big day- I start the new job at 10. I feel sick- my tummy is roiling. That's normal when I do something new. This job isn't anything I can't handle... I KNOW that. I don't have to grasp all the finer points of how this places system works on my first day. I have a notepad. I am shakey anyway.

I woke up this morning minutes after Mr C had left- and found the front room screen wrenched out and twisted. My guess is a very bad dog decided a mere screen was not going to keep him in the house. He hasn't come back wanting inside yet.

I heard from another person who reads this blog that they "got" the name recently. Tee Hee! She wasn't the only person a bit slow on catching meaning.
PB4UGO was actually a license plate on a mini van I saw frequently in Duncan, Oklahoma. And if you are setting out with a whole van full of kids- you might want to remind them to "Pee Before You Go".

Good Motto if travelling with drivers like Mr C too. He IS much better about stopping than he used to be. Once when Becky was a preschooler, she asked Tom several times to stop so that she could potty. She finally told him : "Daddy, if you don't stop RIGHT NOW, I am going to pee out the window!". (Now wouldn't THAT have been a sight driving down the highway?)
On one of our very first trips to Ohio, my Mom gave me an "emergency kit" to take along, since the truck had two gas tanks and Mr C figured potty breaks would only be taken while he put gas in the truck. Mom's emergency kit was an empty 2 liter pop bottle, a funnel, and a silk ivy plant so we would have a bush to 'go behind'.

Yep, I remember that trip- we went up for Thanksgiving. Tommy was 2 1/2, I think. (He may of been 3 1/2.) He wanted his turn riding in the back of the truck. (It had a camper- and it was NOT illegal to ride in the back of a truck in those days). So Tommy is back there with a couple of the other kids, eating some "Tart'N'Tiny" candies. For reasons known only to God and small children- he stuck one up his nose. It stung as it dissolved... and made his nose run. He was screaming... and we were on a bridge over the river between Louisville, KY, and Indiana in rush hour traffic. Bumper to bumper, no place to pull over.
The candy would start to slide out on a string of snot- Tommy would snort and it would go back up his nose to sting more. We watching in fascinated grossness from the cab of the truck as this happened over and over. Finally, just as we were to a place to pull over- the candy slipped down far enough that he didn't snort it back up. He discovered the slime coated candy had slid down onto his upper lip... and did what any small kid does when confronted with snot coated candy. He ate it.

Yep. I remember that trip.


truth said...

Hope you have a great first day on the job. By-the-way, I like the new look of your blog.

Kim said...

Hope you had a great first day at work!

The name of your blog is my all time favorite blog name. :o)

Julie said...

Ewwww. I'm gonna have to tease Tommy about that LOL. I think Becky has told us that story before when we mentioned some of the things our twins did.