Thursday, July 17, 2008

Last Day

Tommy and Tyrel
Here I am on the last day home with Tommy. He and Tom- and probably Ben- leave tomorrow for San Angelo. Tom has been hinting for me to go instead of him- but what would *I* be able to do if the Geo broke down along the way... other than pick Tommy up in the other car?
Tommy's boxes are packed. He is excited- and nervous. I'm trying not to be weepy. Covering by cleaning. Boy, is the bathroom sparkling or what?
Tom said he saw a couple more jobs on Monster yesterday I ought to apply for. In Ohio. I also found a newly listed house on 6 acres. Tom said: It only has TWO bedrooms. Yeah... how many do we need? We are rapidly running out of kids. I would like to have a bigger place. But hey, I would be happy with any place I could call my own.
While I was in Ft Worth, Ralph said that he now has reason to go to Ohio other than us (if we moved there.) He said they could just make a circuit and see us, his kids, and my brother in Tennessee. At the moment, moving at all is just brain overload for me.
This is it... the last day before yet another big change in my life. I haven't put together the traditional leaving the nest gift: A couple of laundry baskets full of cleaning supplies, kitchen and bath towels, and a potty scrubber. Maybe when Tommy finds his own place I will have one for him. For now, he will be at Becky's and not need his own.


Becky said...

HEY!!! I never got that traditional gift! But Stephen said you got that for him when he was renting that cabin in I guess that counts, I got it through marriage...Besides, you have gotten me a lot more than that since I moved out.

~Tammy~ said...

Um... yes I did. Yours was a wedding present. Gramma did one for you also. Yours might not have had the potty brush, since I had already given one to Stephen.