Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Here is my "Statue of Mom". The seller has offered a full refund, including shipping... after receiving this back. (Shipping back? duh-uh... WHY?)

I had my interview yesterday. The store manager will let me know one way or the other- which I thought was nice. While I was interviewing- the rest of the employees seem to be kids. Hope they don't mind working with an old lady.

If I get hired.
I put in another online application already today- no sense just sitting around waiting for people to call. While waiting for the picture to upload- I am browsing job listings. Ben has a cable that connects my camera straight to his computer... maybe I can start ebaying or start an Etsy store! Of course, it has taken thirty-five minutes so far to upload ONE picture... and it still isn't done.
Well- have a great day.


truth said...

She really wants it back????

~Tammy~ said...

Yeah... weird.
I have it packaged... but can't send it til later this week. Wonder if she will accept a few pieces as proof? Sure save us both some $$.