Monday, July 28, 2008

Did we barrel through this month, or what?

The end of July happens this week. You may have noticed that July has a tendency to be followed immediately by August. And August brings...

Mine and Tom's anniversary on the 3rd. It will be 24 years this year. That's a long time. I have no idea what to get him to commemorate the occasion. Maybe a case of Sam Adams... after all, there are 24 bottles to a case!

I don't expect he will make any big-to-do over the anniversary. Some years we have gone out to eat- but that is one of Tom's least favorite things to do. (If we are not travelling, we don't eat out. We seldom even buy carry-out to eat at home.) If anyone has any ideas for "24"- share them with me! It needs to be cheap... I am just starting back to work and won't have a check by then- but I can manage cheap!

I best be getting ready to go sell some auto parts- I sure enjoyed (unexpectedly) having the day off yesterday. I am off this Wednesday- and then my 'regular' schedule of 10-7 on Thursday and Friday, 8-5 Saturday will begin. Hooray again for PART TIME!

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truth said...

Yes, the month slipped by too quickly for me. LOL about the case of Sam Adams. Sounds like a nice gift to me.

Our 25th anniversary is later this year. Michael and I have planned to go to Hawaii to celebrate. As we were starting to actually make the reservations is when my son got engaged. It is sort of on hold as that is a lot going on.