Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Cross it off the list

I called O'Reillys just a few minutes before noon. The boss was "just about to call me".... uh-huh. He had said he would call MONDAY. Anyway- I start tomorrow at 10 and work the rest of the week.

So Mr C got home and I asked him what to do about Ty'ger's birthday. He said he doesn't "knnn-ooo-owww... aren't you (me) supposed to take care of stuff like that?". Told you it was probably written somewhere in that handbook I missed getting. I decided to go over to Cavender's western wear and have a look. But before I got out the door- I decided it was too hot, too far, I'd still have to pack it and ship it, I don't WANNA go fight traffic all the way over in Springdale at a place that probably doesn't have what I wanted anyway.....

Yep. Talked myself right out of going.

Bad Grandmoo.

I DID put in an order for some little jeans (not Wrangler because Wrangler didn't have 18 month any place I checked online) and saw some other cute little clothes I tossed in for good measure. I wonder how places like Amazon expect to sell kids clothing items when they have three pages of "photo not available" items to wade through? Do they sell these things to the visually impaired? (I'm not sure how a visually impaired person would go about shopping online anyway).

I did have a toy tossed in for good measure... but it was being shipped from a different vendor- and *choke* *gasp* the shipping fees were gold plated. So the toy came back out of the cart.

I have some stuff I am supposed to be getting together to send Tommy. So I will try to get Ty a birthday toy (wonder how he would like a squeaky alligator?) and send it in the next box I mail to Becky's house. (Tommy got a pair of squeaky alligators for his second birthday- they were his favorite toys).

My brain already feels fried. Maybe I should write a nap on my to do list... and cross it off next.

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